Friday, January 23, 2009

The Tide Is High

Yesterday C accidentally tripped up H who fell on the step that divides our kitchen from our dining room and got another nose bleed.
A bad one.
I'm not sure if he'd get less nose bleeds if only he could stop, "digging for treasure" up there.
Incidentally, when I tell him there is no treasure up his nose he insists that nose goopies ARE treasure.
So he's bleeding on the floor, and on his sweater, and on his socks - and I ask C to get a paper towel, get it wet, and mop up the floor so it doesn't look like a crime scene.
He does a mediocre job. It ends up looking like a hastily cleaned up crime scene.
Later in the evening I'm reading to everyone on the couch and I've got one of the twins on my lap. The other is down by my feet only I can't see him over the long arm of my Mission-style couch.
I ask C to see check on him.
"What's he doing?" I ask.
"He spilled your glass of wine."
Sure enough, there's wine all over the living room floor. The baby is sitting in a pool of it.
My life is one big stain remover commercial.

song: The Tide Is High • artist: Blondie

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