Sunday, January 04, 2009

Looking Forward

There is no surer way to get kids interested in something than to a) throw it in the trash, b) throw it in the recycle bin, or c) throw it in the fireplace.
Forget all that stuff you got them for Christmas. What they really want to play with is garbage. H & C took plastic gallon containers out of the recycle box today and used them as microphones. Then they went through the rest of the recycling, checking to see which cans they could pick up with the giant magnet.
At least the giant magnet was a Christmas present.
Earlier in the day they removed pieces of a sawed up chair from the fireplace. Note to Ken: if you're going to cut up a chair and put it in the fireplace you need to burn it immediately. Note to everyone else: the chair was on its way out, times aren't so tough that we're burning our furniture for heat - yet.
Not to worry about the heat though because spring is just around the corner. Ken came home from the post office yesterday with a 200-page seed catalogue and a second catalogue advertising course listings for spring yoga retreats in Stockbridge.
I love their optimism.

song: Looking Forward • artist: John Gorka

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