Sunday, January 18, 2009

Dream On

I dreamt the other night that I met the President Elect at some kind of news conference and he noticed that I'd scribbled his name all over my notebook like a schoolgirl - and - he asked me to the prom! No - not really. He's too mature for that even in my dreams. He gave me his autograph and I explained the childish doodles by saying I was excited about the direction which the country was headed in, "like the rest of the nation."
Nice catch.
It was the first time I ever had a dream the featured the president.
I once dreamt I was a Bon Jovi groupie. One of the lucky ones if you know what I mean.
Then there was that dream I had about John Malkovich after seeing Dangerous Liaisons. But that was really just about his wig.

song: Dream On • artist: Aerosmith

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