Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Psycho Killer

While running errands on Friday I was the victim of verbal assault in my own mini van.
Somehow C got on the subject of braces and why you couldn't eat popcorn while wearing them. Forget that he hasn't lost one baby tooth yet, nor does he eat much popcorn.
I try explaining that popcorn kernels might get caught under braces and he says what if you brush your teeth really well? I try explaining that dentists don't recommend popcorn eating while wearing braces and they are experts on the subject but he persists. Why just popcorn? Why not the white stringy stuff in clementines too?
He's driving me nuts. Soon I will be certifiable. I try to remember to breathe.
He wants to know if the tooth fairy came every time George Washington lost a tooth. He wants to know if George Washington's wife had false teeth too.
He wants to know if the men who shot President Lincoln, President Kennedy, and Martin Luther King got shot themselves.
He wants to know what executed means.
He wants to know what vigilante means.
He wants to know why scientists are going to let the Hubble telescope burn up entering the earth's atmosphere in 2013. He wants to know how the new telescope that scientists plan to launch in 2013 is going to be better than Hubble. He wants to know how scientists know there are 300,000 billion stars in our galaxy.
He wants to know what approximately means.
He wants to know what extrapolated means.
He wants to know why it's pronounced Hubble when there's an "e" on the end and shouldn't that make it Hubble with a hard "u" sound?
I remind myself to breathe again.
I want to know what it was I came in town to buy anyway.

song: Psycho Killer • artist: Talking Heads

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Ann's Rants said...

GREAT POST! If its not the babies, its the big kids. This motherhood gig, I'll tell ya...