Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Is That All There Is?

Dear Liz,
So, how did the pork chops come out you ask?
C had these words of advice during dinner last night.
"Mommy. This meat is very chewy. I don't think you should give any to the babies."
He also commented that my garlic potatoes made his mouth tingle.
Pork chops, bah. Who needs 'em? They remind me entirely too much of women who used to cook dinner in aprons and pearls.
Speaking of eating, the twins, who will eat anything - food or otherwise, have developed a healthy appetite for cheese. They can eat broken up pieces at an alarming rate. Not faster than the speed of light perhaps but faster than the speed at which Mommy can turn around and replenish their supply.
I think they may be the fastest cheese eaters ever, though not the neatest. I noticed one had cheese in his hair as I was wrestling them into their car seats on our way to pick up N at preschool.
It's only fitting since Ken was born in Wisconsin, making him the patriacal cheesehead.

song: Is That All There Is? • artist: Peggy Lee


Ann's Rants said...

Where was Ken born? Have we had this discussion already?

Joanne said...

You'd think I would know. I've had to fill it out on four birth certificates in the past six years.
I think it's Madison.
He only lived there till he was eight.